Facial Balancing Elixir - Jojoba Oil

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Merme Berlin Facial Balancing Jojoba Oil is a lightweight oil, rich in vitamins, plus antioxidants and fatty acids.

Jojoba has remarkably similar properties to our skin's own sebum. This means it is able to penetrate deeper than other oils to help rebalance the overproduction of sebum. Being a liquid wax, this oil is not as greasy as regular oils and perfect for combination skin and suitable to all skin types. 

It hydrates your skin, is perfect for irritated and sensitive skin, and regulates over production of sebum. 




Gently massage a few drops into your cleansed face. Suitable for daily usage, mornings and evenings. For best results, apply after showering. Your shower acts as a steamer and opens the skin pores, allowing the oil to absorb more effectively. It is also a fantastic addition to your daily moisturizer or foundation.
Vitamin E : Moisture Combats dryness as well as assists the skin to retain its natural oils. A great strengthener for the skins UV defence and replenishing moisture lost from showering and harsh chemicals.

Vitamin D : Repair and Strengthen when applied topically, Vitamin D assists skin cells to recognize and respond to invading microorganisms, protect healing wounds and promote skin healing.

Vitamin B : Vitamin B group are the building blocks to maintain healthy skin both internally and topically. They are a prevention for dry, itchy skin as well as as dermatitis and eczema.

Vitamin A : Age Fighter also known as B-carotene and the key to skin-cell development. Found in most anti-aging treatments for fine lines. Vitamin A is in found in all red fruits & vegetables.

Omega’s 6 & 9 : Nourishing Fatty acids are powerful skin strengtheners and work as a barrier to retain moisture and calm allergies. They are not only beautifying but necessary for achieving and maintaining vibrant, healthy skin through their role in cell formation.

100% Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil)
Certifications: Organic, Vegan
Scent: A subtle, natural scent reminiscent of wood
Origin: Harvested in Egypt from the Jojoba plant that also uses its own oil for protection.

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