The Nasty List


Aluminum is a metallic element, the third most abundant element on the planet and we ingest it in large proportions every day in water, food, pharmaceutical products among others.

The aluminum has different forms: powder, salts or oxides. 

The toxicity depends in large part on its solubility in water and the pH range. It is not particularly good for living organisms and not easily absorbed by human body.
High doses of aluminum powders and/or salts are toxic: they are potential carcinogen and provoke skin and organ irritations. Therefore, we prohibit aluminum of these forms in all products. However, aluminum oxide and aluminum hydroxide are permitted as they are insoluble in water.

Found in: Antiperspirants. They block the sweat.

Animal Fat and Musk 

Animal Musk and Animal Fat are prohibited. They are procured from the meat and fat bones or genital glands. They provoke skin and organ irritation.

Found in: Different types of conventional cosmetic products.


These are two preservatives of powerful synthetic antioxidants, that are potential carcinogens and toxic for the liver, kidney, lungs, and may also cause thyroid problems.

They allow the formulas to be preserved but it’s now easy to find other antioxidants such as vitamin E or its derivatives (such as tocopherol) that have the same effect without being dangerous for our health.

Found in: Different types of conventional cosmetic products.

Chemical sunscreens

Harmful UVA/UVB rays, chemical sunscreens have been linked to hormone disruption, causing cell damage. They are considered endocrine disruptors.
You can find them under names such as: Benzophenone, Phenyl Ketone, Diphenyl Ketone, Oxybenzone. To replace these chemical sunscreens that damaged our reproductive organs, Get Me Glow prefers mineral sunscreens that contain Zinc and Titanium Dioxide that block out the sun’s rays.

Found in: Sun care products


Calcium Disodium EDTA, Tetrasodium EDTA, Trisodium EDTA, is a binding agent that can bond to minerals or metals and when trapped in our body, accumulates and potentially causes organ toxicity. On top of that, it is very toxic to our aquatic environment as it does not break down, contaminates waterways which ends up in our drinking water.

Found in: Hair dye moisturizer, body wash, mascara and other eye products.


Ethanolamines (DEA/TEA/MEA/ETA) are PH adjusters, used to stabilize or modify the PH of a cosmetic product. They can cause allergies, and skin toxicity and may form nitrosamines molecules that are linked to cancer. They are classified as carcinogenic by the World Health Organization (WHO) and considered endocrine disruptors.

Found in: Hair products, foundations and mascaras.


Typically used to lighten the skin, it decreases production of melanin pigments in the skin and causes skin irritation. It is a carcinogenic hydrocarbon, responsible for increasing the risk of skin cancer.

Found in: Cleansers and Moisturizers

Mineral Oils and Waxes

These ingredients come from petrochemicals after distillation and purification of materials such as petroleum or gas. They can be contaminated by hydrocarbons and can also cause skin irritation. On the skin’s surface, they form a film which limits the natural evaporation of water. On top of that, they are unsustainable sourcing. Get Me Glow prefers to select natural alternatives such as vegetable oils and butters that brings many benefits to the skin, and do not accept synthetic toxic ingredients.

Found in: Face products.

Nano particles

Nano particles are very small molecules used as preservatives for texture enhancers and ingredient stabilizers. They can be natural or manufactured by chemical processes.

They are potentially causing cell damages, when absorbed and accumulated in our body and can also cause skin irritation. Any ingredient in nanometric form should be listed as NANO on this list of ingredients.

Found in: Mineral filters in sunscreens. They avoid the white effect of mineral sun filters. Can also be found in anti-aging products and treatments.


Parabens are synthetic preservatives and anti-microbial agents, that can be toxic for hormone disruption and considered as endocrine disruptors. We prohibit all parabens: Ethylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, Isopropylparaben, Methylparaben, and Propylparaben.

Found in: Different types of products, including hair care.


Phenoxyethanol is used as a preservative, causing skin irritation and linked to reduce fecundity.

Found in: Different types of skincare products.

Resorcinol or Resorcine

Usually used in hair colorings, it causes irritation and hormone disruption. It is considered as a potential endocrine disruptor.

Found in: Different types of hair care products.


Silicones are synthetical not biodegradable ingredients and therefore accumulate in the environment.

They are known for providing sensory textures, preserving skin hydration or detangling hair.

These effects are only superficial, they are in reality very occlusive for the skin, and cause irritation and clog pores on the long run.

Get Me Glow selects products with natural alternatives essentially from vegetable oils.

Found in: Different types of skincare, cosmetics and haircare products.

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES)
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) are part of the large family of sulfates.

They are known for providing extra foaming textures and bubbles.
On the long run, when used regularly, they cause skin irritation and allergies.

Found in: Different types of skincare, body wash, and hair care products.

Synthetic Fragrances / Phthalates

In many products, phthalates remain unlisted, hiding under the term ‘’fragrance/perfume”. They are linked to hormone disruption and are considered as endocrine disruptors. In order to forbid them, we make sure the fragrances are 100% natural and listed on the formulation label.

Found in: Different types of products including hairspray.


Toluene is a petrochemical agent found in conventional nail polishes that is toxic for the immune system and also known as carcinogen.

Found in: Nail polish

Triclosan and Triclocarban

Triclosan and Triclocarban are synthetical antibacterial preservatives, considered as endocrine disruptors and carcinogens.
They are persistent and toxic for aquatic environments.
They are known to make bacteria resistant to antibiotic.

Found in: Body wash, Toothpaste, Anti-Acne product, Antiperspirant.

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