The Concept

Get Me Glow is a mantra: Enrich your inner and outer beauty with well-being rituals.

"More than a trend, there is a real evolution of the beauty market towards products that are as good for the skin as they are for the planet. In addition to being more aware and sensitive to the environment, discerning consumers are looking for brands that use natural and organic ingredients which are sustainably crafted respecting traditional know-how." Marie de Boran.

Get Me Glow is a beauty company headquartered in Switzerland offering an innovative e-commerce platform: a wide selection of premium natural, organic beauty and well-being products that are all chemical-free. Several of the selected brands have been rewarded at beauty awards both for the traceability of their high quality ingredients and for their effectiveness.

We aim to fulfill each and every need by offering products suited to women and men, the young and the mature, oily or dry skin types, straight or curly hair ... while keeping the selection and the offer narrow: "The idea is not to become like any other e-commerce site with too many products to choose from which ends up to the customer getting lost one more time. Each product, including men's care, has been selected, tested and approved by us."

Get Me Glow is the brainchild of Marie de Boran, a globe-trotting, French national who settled in Geneva 3 years ago. When her baby daughter was born she began to take an interest in the ingredients contained in beauty products. Forever an adept of healthy and natural products, she had great difficulty in sourcing widely available chemical-free ones that could satisfy her standards. Reflecting back on the discoveries she had made during her frequent travels she decided to make her favourite items available on a platform. Beyond this, through organizing workshops and pop-ups, she is intent on gathering a community of like-minded people to exchange and learn how to improve their daily beauty and well-being rituals.

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