Get Me Glow Beauty Standard

Get Me Glow Beauty Standard : Hakuna Matata
(aka no worries for the rest of your days!)

My mission is to create and develop a beauty & wellness platform that you can trust, where you can find a selection of niche, natural and efficient products that respond to different skin conditions, target different needs, so that everyone can find a product suitable to their individual person, according to their own criterias, knowing that we stand for: non-toxic is non-negotiable…and of course, testing on animals is not even an option!

We are constantly looking for the best in “clean beauty”: the newly discovered toxic ingredients to banned as well as the new efficient ingredients to look for, but also products that have a texture you would wish to dive into, so you can easily swap your current not so natural products for clean alternatives that work even better, but without the “nasties.”

But what does clean really mean? Honestly…nothing! Today, a lot of brands prone to be “clean and natural” but you can still find bad ingredients in their formulas.
To make it easier for you to read and understand the ingredients, we have created our own chart, that lists all the “nasties” that you will not find in any of our products.

In other words, we stand for:
Safety, Transparency, Sustainability and of course, Beauty.

Any questions you may have, please email us at, I’ll personally be happy to answer you.

Marie de Boran.

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