Niacinamide Aka the most effective yet natural ingredient to fight breakouts.

How to treat & prevent breakouts in general, and especially at the moment, with the seasonal change (+ the mask), imperfections can easily increase! 

Higher temperatures increase your face’s sweat and oil production. The more sweat and oil, the easier it is for bacteria to turn into blemishes. Adding to that, the mask...which increases clog pores which result in - you guessed it - acne! 

So, what can we do and use, to effectively and seriously get rid of breakouts without irritating our skin by over exfoliating / masking, even worse by using presumably effective products that are really toxic for the skin and that just brings you the opposite result in the end: more acne! 

Less is more when it comes to breakouts. Just as we have always been advised to not pimple-popping, only if done by a professional. The key is to choose the right ingredients and products leading to real and effective results that will work with your skin and not against it.

The winner of all and recently heard of for a lot of us, is an ingredient called Niacinamide, which is a form of Vitamin B3 (niacin). It has multiple benefits for cells health: It supports skin barrier and increases its resiliency protecting it from environmental stresses such as sunlight, pollution and toxins. It reduces pores and balances oil production reducing considerably and effectively severe acne, especially inflammatory forms. Overall, it improves skin texture and brightens the complexion.

Merme Berlin launched very recently their Pore Refiner Powder which is in fact made of 100% pure niacinamide powder. You apply a tiny scoop (the spoon is provided within the product) in the palm of your hand, and add on top of it your desired water based serum. It melts instantly and you apply it all as you would normally apply your serum. 

Pore Refiner Powder - Merme Berlin.


Adding to that, Nuori just launched their Clarity Spot Treatment which is an already mixed gel booster that also has a very high % of niacinamide as well as glycolic and lactic acids. A super easy ready to use booster that effectively reduces breakouts and inflammation. 

Clarity Spot Treatment - Nuori.

Following these two boosters that should be applied topically, exfoliating properly your skin is key and should be part of all skincare routine to regularly remove dead skin cells, reduce breakouts & boos cells renewal. So, the real question is: How regularly should I use it Aka how can you tell if you need to buff away the buildup or give it a break?

Little-known fact: Your skin exfoliates itself naturally. The epidermis - outer layer of the skin - undergoes constant renewal every 28 days, which means in this period of time skin cells develop, mature and shed by themselves. This means that some people with the right routine and lifestyle might not have to exfoliate at all. But of course, it's not that easy, especially in an urban environment when plenty of interruptions such as pollution or imbalanced oil production, can slow the skin cell turnover process. This is where exfoliation comes in and is key to help the skin cell process, by removing dead skin cells and boosting cell renewal.

Sensitive skin should go for enzymatic exfoliators that gently and naturally remove dead skin cells and reduce breakouts. A real game changer to di(v)e for, is the enzymatic Apricot Face Peel from Irene Forte which not only clarifies and refines the skin but is also perfect for dull skin that needs to get their glow back! 

Apricot Face Peel - Irene Forte.

Dry skin should go for hydrating exfoliators that will nourish the skin while removing dead skin cells. The Almond Face Scrub from Irene Forte really soothes and hydrates, protects the skin barrier and so moisture levels.

Almond Face Scrub - Irene Forte.

Adding to that, we have just discovered the importance of what lives on our skin: Multiple microorganisms known as the microbiome. We can talk about the skin flora. There are thought to be about 100 trillion bacteria and other microbes living on or in us. While we all know about the importance of our gut for our immune system, only recently we have discovered the importance of our skin flora, and how to also take care of our skin microbiome. Prebiotics & Probiotics are key to fight bad bacterias on our skin too and so reduce breakouts, just as clean air is equally important for our lungs than it is for our skin.

Go For Glow from Demain is an enzymatic cleansing gel that naturally exfoliates dead skin cells (perfect combo with the Apricot Face Peel exfoliator) and has pre & probiotics that not only protects the skin barrier but also strengthens the skin microbiome and gently removes impurities. Perfect for all skin types. 

Go For Glow - Demain


Another type of cleanser, the Cleansing Cream from The Glow, is also an enzymatic exfoliating cleanser that has probiotics, as well as pineapple enzymes, soothing aloe vera, and anti-inflammatory bark extracts. Perfect for a dull and congested skin complexion. 

Cleansing Cream - The Glow.

Finally, the Perfect Cleanser from Oskia, is a nourishing cleansing balm, rich in vitamins & omegas and has prebiotics. Perfect for dry, hormonal and mature skin.

Perfect Cleanser - Oskia. 

Any hesitations or questions, write us at and we will be happy to answer and advise you! 💌