Interview with Bliss Project Geneva, wellness retreats creators

  • How to you define mindfulness?


Mindfulness is a super power, accessible to everyone. It is being aware of your thoughts and feelings while experiencing something, everything. It is a valuable buffer between our emotion and reaction.

Being present, being in the NOW, being steady, being free. It is not about magic, it is possible if you give it a try.


  • What are 3 easy ways to incorporate mindfulness?

Tip #1:

Experience your daily life differently, mindfully: Imagine you come from another planet and you wake up one morning in a different world.

Try to observe, experience, rediscover the little actions/mechanisms that are so meaningless in your routine, as a special moment. 

Tip #2:

Today is going to be an amaaaaazing day! The very first thought you have when you wake up will impact your entire day. Set a gratitude mantra every morning and every night.

  • Any resources or places you recommend people can check out to learn more?


Podcasts: Une vie plus saine et sereine by Chloé Bloom (in French) or Sudhir Rishi. 

Total Body Experience: Check out @blissprojectgeneva retreats, they are the perfect mindful getaway. Our next one is set for November 19-22 in Courchevel.


---> To find out more check out Bliss Project Geneva.