An easy hair care routine adapted to your individual needs.

When we think clean beauty we first think of skincare products, but we often tend to forget how important it is also to take care of our hair properly from roots to ends, by using the right products adapted to your hair type & concerns. From treatments to styling products, we have created an easy hair care guide for you. 


To start with, just as a gentle skin exfoliator is key to not only remove dead skin cells, reduce imperfections but also to boost cell renewal, scalp detox is also key for every hair type and concern, as the health of your hair actually comes from the roots, so applying endlessly nourishing conditioner and mask won't make a real difference if you don't treat the hair from the roots. 

Once to twice per week according to your needs, apply and massage into wet scalp, one of the two magical treatments from Innersense: The True Enlightement Scrub and/or the Detox Mask.

The scrub has this fragrant note of peppermint, formulated with Hawaiian red salt - rich in volcanic clay and minerals - to purify and exfoliate impurities, apple fruit to restore hydration to the scalp, celery seed extract and peppermint oil to stimulate blood flow and tea tree oil extracts to soothe inflammation and irritation.

The detox mask has this fragrant note of sage and vanilla, formulated with charcoal to detoxify and help draw out dirt, toxins and impurities, kaolin to remove excess oil, and white vinegar to increase shine, balance PH & reduce frizz. 

Both products are real hair changers! 


True Enlightenment Scalp Scrub - Innersense


Detox Hair Mask - Innersense


2.1 "I do highlights I want to protect my hair and also hydrate my dry ends" 


Color Awakening Hairbath - Innersense

Color Awakening Conditioner - Innersense

2.2 "I have fine to medium hair, I can easily get oily roots, but dry ends"

Extra Thickening Shampoo Bar - Nuddy

Pure Harmony Hairbath - Innersense

Pure Inspiration Daily Conditioner - Innersense

2.3 "I have thick hair that needs to be deeply nourished"

Hydrating Cream Hairbath - Innersense

Hydrating Cream Conditioner - Innersense

4. "I have normal to curly hair, I want to boost shine, softness, and reduce frizz"

Daily Shine Treatment - Nuddy

Superfood Shine Shampoo - Evolve Beauty

Superfood Shine Conditioner - Evolve Beauty 


Hair Love Hair Spray is a priming spray to prepare & protect your hair. Vitamin B and rice protein restore strength and shine while plumping hair from roots to ends during styling. Baobab and angelica root provide care for thermal, UV and environmental exposure.

Hair Love Prep Spray - Innersense 


4.1 "I want more volume"

A styling foam to boost volume and shine, add texture from roots to ends, on wet or dry hair or to use as a refresher in between washes.


I Create Lift Volumizing Foam - Innersense

A volumising lotion to distribute throughout damp hair with your fingers, from roots to ends, to lift and add more volume. 

I Create Volume - Innersense

An Hydrating Pink Himalayan Salt Spray to add texture and volume on dry hair, or create waves on damp hair. 

I Create Waves - Innersense

4.2 "I have curly hair, and want to style them properly"

A styling cream to shape, define curls, and eliminate frizz. On damp hair, gently separate and shape curls with your fingers. 

Quiet Calm Curl Control - Innersense

A whipped cream texturizer to create separation and texture on wet hair & eliminate frizz. 

Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer - Innersense

4.3 "I want to boost shine and create hold"

A styling gel to distribute throughout damp hair, to provide shine and manageability with antioxidant rejuvenation and natural resin.

I Create Hold - Innersense

A versatile hairspray to strengthen the hair and create long lasting hold and shine

I Create Finish - Innersense


Once to twice per week according to your needs, apply and massage into dry scalp, an hair oil, all the way from roots to ends. Ideally, leave it overnight so it has even more time to work its magic, and then cleanse your hair the next morning. Just like we need to exfoliate the scalp weekly to boost and stimulate blood flow, nourishing your scalp is crucial in order to strenghten your hair for healthy and shiny hair and repairing or/and preventing dry ends. 

Nourishing Hair Elixir Serum will leave your hair incredibly soft, light and moisturized. Argan Oil and Baobab Oil, rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, calcium and vitamins will deeply nourish, regenerate & restore while Tahitian Monoï will  bring shine. 

Nourishing Hair Elixir - Evolve Beauty

Revitalising Hair Treatment is made of 100% cold-pressed Argan Oil.

Revitalising Hair Treatment - Merme Berlin

Harmonic Treatment Oil from Innersense, rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants, nourishes scalp and hair with a blend of emollient oils & flower essences, including Tamanu, Evening Pimrose and Macadamia oils. 


Harmonic Treatment Oil - Innersense

Baiobay cold-pressed Organic Coconut Oil, will deeply moistures while giving your hair an amazing scent of fresh coco. 

Organic Coconut Oil - Baiobay

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