Meet Margaux Houzé, hypnotherapist and NLP coach, specialised in treating disorders.

Meet Margaux Houzé, hypnotherapist and NLP coach, specialised in treating disorders.

What is your self care approach?

Self care isn't about perfection. it is about being aligned with your habits, your way of living, and how we treat and are being treated by people around us.
It's also about knowing when to say no to events that take too much energy out of you, and instead choosing to find quality time with your inner self. 

What is your wellness routine?

Yoga Kundalini, a very spiritual type of yoga and meditation, is part of my daily routine, and I try to do 1 hour per day. It allows us to come back to the present moment, calm your mind, that can sometimes be a source of stress and anxiety. It makes us happier, it strengthens our memory and concentration, and last but not least, it slows down the aging of our cells. I'm organizing with a Kundalini yoga teacher, a retreat in October 2020 at Les Tilleuls d'Étretat in France which will mix Kundalini yoga and Hypnosis.

I also practice gratitude daily, by writing myself a "well done" list at the end of the day to celebrate my achievements, no matter how big or small they are, or just reminders of why I am lucky. Unfortunately, negative thoughts have a bigger impact on ourselves than positive ones. If you are given 6 compliments and 1 reproach, you are more likely to remember the reproach than the compliments. This is why we need to condition our brain to think and have more positivity.

What is your beauty routine?

My beauty routine is very simple, and I only use a few products daily. I wash my face every night with the Gentle Cleansing Melt from Evolve Beauty, and I use every morning the Detoxifying Serum from Ho Karan followed by the Go For Protection hydrating cream from Demain. I've recently started using the Organic Coconut Oil from Baiobay to hydrate my body and my hair, I love its smell and how natural it is. As for make up, I use the products from Elisabeth Arden as I worked there for a few years and I love their make up.

Your favorite beauty and wellness places to go to in Geneva?
I do reiki with Sophie Mugnier and I go each month for a therapeutic massage with Vania Carrera, who created the Canopee Collectif where I work now with 11 others therapists, all specialized in different practices. A few times per month, I go to S'Sentiel Institut de Beauté to see the esthetician Stéphanie who takes care of everything linked to beauty. 


What led you to hypnotherapy?

I discovered hypnosis at a young age, as a patient. I used to have stress-related nausea on a daily basis. Despite many unsuccessful attempts with traditional doctors and therapies, nothing succeeded in curing them, until the day I discovered hypnotherapy. It only took one session to cure the problem. 

How does it work?

Hypnosis is a state of altered consciousness. It's a philosophy that the unconscious mind is an unsuspected source of wealth. All the resources buried in the unconscious could thus allow us to achieve our objectives and / or solve a particular problem.

This means that we hear everything and that we remain aware of everything that is happening, we do not sleep. It feels like you are here and elsewhere at the same time. This state is similar to a state of deep relaxation, so the person remains well aware throughout the session.

The approach is tailor-made with me according to your objectives, your path and your needs during the first session. It can cure pretty much everything: anxiety, self-confidence, weight, addictions, motivations, sexual problems, I am also sometimes being consulted to recover from a heartache!

How many sessions does it take to solve a problem?

There can be up to 5 or 6 sessions just like it can only take one session. It really varies depending on how long the patient has been facing his/her problem, and how well he/she is being receptive. 

The changes initiated by your unconscious in sessions continue to process and work well beyond the time you spend with me, during the days and in dreams, at night. There is no universal rule with hypnosis. Some effects can be immediate, others can take a few months. 

How to contact you?

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