Interview with Stephanie, founder of the skincare brand 27Rosiers

Interview with Stephanie, founder of the skincare brand 27Rosiers

  • How did you get to create 27 Rosiers and why the name?

Having been part of the cosmetics industries for many years working for the likes Guerlain, Parfum Givenchy, and Yves Rocher I felt there was an absence of sensorial effective products which lead me to explore and try to create something innovative and different. I was met with let downs and frustration because every formula I worked on had ingredients that I just felt should not be present in any cosmetic formula especially that I am a person that has had to deal with many skin problems and allergies would mean I would not be even able to use my own products. This journey lead me to the conclusion that what I always wanted was clean beauty that is sensorial effective which represents my values. Compromise was not an option for us. We were not going to deviate one bit from delivering effective sensorial textures in a clean way. That is how we started!

Developing an effective and result based solution that will better our user’s daily routine introduced the idea of working on our INSIDE OUT BEAUTY concept. Beauty is part of a full circle process. You can’t expect great flawless skin just because you use effective products; it is a process of doing what is best for yourself by eating well, working out, meditating and whatever you feel your mind and body need. One important staple that is not correlated enough with beauty is how we take care of mother earth. We can’t feel good when the environment is suffering. We became more environmentally literate and made sure that our products and packaging have the least environmental impact whilst finding viable environmental solutions. We have tried to stay as true to our principals.

Sometimes the location where you are ends up being the name of something so special to you.

Having met Kevin, my best friend and co-founder 10 years ago at Paris Dauphine University and moving in together at 27 Rosier street in Le Marais is where we dreamt up launching our own cosmetics brand. We felt we needed to pay homage to 27 Rosiers by naming our brand after that special address.

  • How come you decided to first launch in the US when you were living in France/Switzerland. I can imagine it has been challenging at times, can you tell us a bit more? 

It has only been a year since we launched 27 Rosier in the US. You are right! It has been an uphill battle that has been so enjoyable. The idea was to focus on the already established and larger clean beauty market which is in the US specifically in California. We wanted to have retailers that are well reversed and appreciate our product such as Credo Beauty and Follain. These great retailers have a trusted following that helps create exposure for our brand in the US. The client base in the US is already more equipped and ready for clean beauty products. Consumers in the US and more recently the whole of Europe are looking for clean formulas and brands that are transparent with their end users. The goal is to expand into Europe and other markets as soon as we can.

  • Where do you source your ingredients?

For each product we send a brief to the lab detailing the ingredients we wanted to avoid, the ones we wanted to focus on, the textures we wanted, as well as the benefits we were aiming to claim. Accordingly, the manufacturer sends us various submissions and we come back and forth until we are satisfied with the results. Regarding the ingredients, we have many different discussions with our lab to make sure we agreed on the origin of each ingredient, sourcing is a key element. From one ingredient to the other, the efficiency and the results can vary significantly. We also try to work as much as we can with the ECOCERT certification to make sure that we could guarantee a maximum efficiency.

We also created an Inside-Out Core Blend of 4 organic ingredients present in all of our formulas. For the blend, we collaborated closely with a food supplement specialist and our skincare lab to make sure we could find the most effective combination of ingredients that would work inside and out. That is how we decided to add:
- Calendula: to increase the skin inner glow
- Chamomile: to smoothen sensitive skin and fights against free radicals
Aloe Vera: to moisturize
- Ashwagandha: to energize

  • What are the ingredients you love and recommend the most to hydrate and boost your skin cells for this autumn / winter season? 

Hyaluronic Acid/ Sodium Hyaluronate definitely. I strongly believe that it is one of the most moisturizing ingredients. Obviously, it also depends on skin types, the texture has a huge impact on skincare products. For example, I have normal skin in summer and hate to have a rich texture on my face during this time, but I need a more nourishing texture for the winter season. I need an oily texture that helps my very dry skin to moisturize but it especially needs to be nourished. Moisturizing and nourishing are two different things. Moisturizing is a need for all skin types while nourishing depends on your skin type that can evolve according to the season, environment and lifestyle.

  • Any new launch coming up soon? 

We are launching a new Rich Cream beginning of next year (January hopefully). It’s a rich texture with 3 unique ingredients: 
- Bakuchiol = an alternative to retinol. Increases collagen + Smoothes fine lines
- Hyaluronic Acid = Hydrates + Plumps
- Sodium Hyaluronate = Protects + Repairs deeper

We also want to continue exploring unique events like we did in September with Get Me Glow, Bliss Project Geneva and Nutrition Right and planning experiential events like we did with amazing partners who share the same values is incredible. We want to offer a whole wellness experience as we believe beauty is a way of life.

  • What is your beauty routine AM/PM?

- Fight Grime every morning and night
- Quench My Thirst every morning and I use it as a sleeping mask at night
- Ready Selfie Go 3 times/week. 
- I continuously use Here We Glow Again on top of my make up all day long as a highlighter

During winter I take a 3 months full treatment of Glow For Good supplements

  • Your favorite product, the one you cannot live without? 

Definitely the mask (Ready Selfie Go). The mask helps me to reboot my skin every week. I have very sensitive skin with redness sometimes. It really helps me.

  • What does self care mean to you? What are your daily / weekly rituals? 

Self-care has to be considered as a whole. My cardio workout is my daily ritual for alleviating stress as I am serial overthinker. It helps release all the toxins in my body and smooth my skin. 

My nutrition is key as well. Having a healthy diet is very important if you want to have a beautiful skin. The first step for me doing the intolerance test to figure out what my body won’t accept; after I figured that out I just designed a diet that made me feel full but kept me light on my feet.

Relaxing through meditation on the daily allows me to compose myself and manage any raw emotions I am feeling.

Last but not least I enjoy a good time with friends. Get those endorphins flowing with a good laugh!

  • Favorite eating place in Geneva, (coffee or restaurant)

My favorite café in Geneva is called ALIVE. This place just relaxes me. It is beautiful and the food is great. I just love the place.